Monday, December 17, 2007

She even loves staying in the hotel!

Alyssa and Mom at the Game

Alyssa and Bully

Go State!!!

State had a wonderful year. Well, when you are used to losing, it was definitely a wonderful year!! Great wins over Alabama, Kentucky, Auburn, and Ole Miss!! Alyssa loved the games this year.

Hi, we are new!!

Hi, all! Well, it has taken me a while, but I guess it is time to start one of these things up for our family. My name is Kelli. I met Les in October of 1997 and we were married in October of 1998. We have a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Alyssa. I'm telling ya, this girl is gorgeous. I know everyone thinks that about their kids, but of course, mine really is. Anyway, we are happy to now be sharing with all of you!!